Comments from some of our past customers.

Hello Anna,
Your parcel arrived safely and I have to say I am touched beyond words. You packaged it so very well that everything arrived in tip top shape. The work you put into this and the beautiful results, well, I feel I definately got my moneys worth and I feel that I did not pay you nearly enough for this delicate and beautiful art. I will forever treasure this and I know everyone is going to be asking who made the shells. Thank you so much for sending business cards. I am going to put them in a silver tray next to the cake.
I will be sending you some photographs of the cake decorated as well as a picture of us. May you be blessed for your kindness and generosity. You are a deal soul - God bless.
Lilly, Edmonton, Alberta

Hi Anna. The package arrived Friday as you expected. Everything was in excellent condition, except for a small breakage on one of the draped starfish. I believe I can hide this no problem. Thank you for your wonderful service and very lovely product. The packing must have taken hours! Hope to do business with you again and I will definitely pass around you business cards. Hope you're having a wonderful season!
Laure, Nanaimo, BC

Anna - Everyone thought your cake was incredibly beautiful and delicious! You may even see a photo of the Mayor and Chief of Sliammon in the paper cutting it. I'm so glad I finally got to taste it. I loved it! Not too sweet - just perfect! Thanks so much. I'll bring the board and cheque to you Monday.
Wendy, Powell River, BC

Hi Anna! As soon as we arrived to the reception I wanted to see the cake and it came out as cute and creative as I wanted it to. Yes, everything was shipped so carefully that everything was in one piece thanks to your careful packing. The cake designer and I went through them all together and everyone who works with her was ooohing and ahhhing over your work. The designer was so excited to do the cake and it came out the way I dreamed it to. Thank you so much. Take care!
Heather, Boylston, Massachussetts, USA

Hi Anna! It was a very beautiful cake and delicious as well. You are a real artist. I will be thinking of you as we visit Bratislava.
Shirley, Powell River, BC

Hi Anna! I went to the event on Saturday that Jenni from my office organized. I had two pieces of your wonderful cake! Itís the best.
Wendy, Powell River, BC

Hello Anna. The seashell were absolutely beautiful. They all arrived in one piece! And they are all still in good shape, I saved them. We had the cake sitting in brown sugar and also some of the shells were in the brown sugar. If I get a chance, I will send you a photo. Thank you.
Jackie. Wichita, Kansas USA

Hi Anna! I got it! I got it! The seashells are fabulous!! Thanks for spending all that time wrapping - I only undid a few and really appreciate your careful attention to keeping them safe! I can't wait to show the Bride these - she will love them, too!
Thanks again.
Deb, Victoria, BC.

Anna, I was very pleased with my cheesecake. It looked absolutely mouth-watering and the cake was truly delicious. It was as good to eat as it looked. Yet it was so light. I've eaten lots of baked cheesecakes but I've never eaten one so light as this one. It had the lemon topping. My guests and I now look forward to trying the lime topping for the next one.
Herb, Powell River, BC

Dear Anna, Thank-you so very much for the exquisite wedding cake.
Martin and Moira, Powell River, BC

Anna, thank you so much for the wonderful wedding cake. It was delicious and I received many comments on it. Thanks again.
Sean and Aren, Powell River, BC

Dear Anna: Cam and I just wanted to thank you once again for the incredibly gorgeous cake you made to make our wedding day extra beautiful!! Your talent is wonderful and we will always keep you in mind as recommendations. Our day was perfect, and we thank you muchly!
Cam and Debora, Powell River, BC

Dear Anna Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness. The cake top decorations was absolutely gorgeous, I just loved it.
Heidi and Steve, Michigan, USA

Thank you Anna for your great work on our wedding cake - it was both beautiful and delicious! We had some again the other day - so yummy!!
Laura and Anthony, Vancouver, BC

Dear Anna. Thank you for the beautiful wedding cake, it added to the overall beauty of our wedding.
Melanie and Ross, Powell River, BC

Dear Anna. Thank you so very much for the beautiful wedding cake you made for us. You did wonderful job on it.
The Campbells, Powell River, BC

Thank you Anna for your patience, it was most appreciated. You did a wonderful job on it and it made our day even more special.
Louise and Wendy

Anna, thank you so much for all of the time and effort you spent in preparation of my wedding cake, with my mother and myself. I know the cake will be beautiful so I would like to thank you in advance for all of your time spent.
Sherri and Kevin

Dear Anna. Thank you so much for making Lindsey and Simon's cake and going the extra mile with deliveries etc. We really appreciate it.
Fondly, Diane

Anna, Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did with the cake. It couldn't have been more perfect.
Sandra & Rob and Ang & Jacob

Dear Anna. Thank you for the excellent cake that you created. It was truly a work of art.
Ryan and Nadine, Powell River, BC

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August 07, 2012