Seashell Cake Ornaments

Seashell Cake Ornament Sets

Sea Shell Cake Ornament Sets

Sea shell cake ornaments were available in assortments of 75, 50 and 25 shell sets.

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25-Shell set

25 shell set includes: 3 large Scallops, 3large Starfish, 1 open Clam shell with pearl, 8 single Clam shells, 6 Auger, 5 Sea Urchins, 10 Pearls assorted sizes.

50-Shell Set

50 shell set includes: 4 large Scallops, 4 large Starfish, 4 large Seahorses, 4 small Seahorses, 2 open clam shells with pearl, 10 single Clam shells, 4 Dolphins, 7 Auger, 5 Sea Urchins, 6 assorted Shells, 20 Pearls assorted sizes.

75-Shell Set

75 shell set includes: 5 large Scallops, 6 large Starfish, 5 large Seahorses, 6 small Seahorses, 2 open Clam with pearl, 12 single Clam shells, 4 Dolphins, 12 Auger, 8 Sea Urchins, 15 assorted Shells, 25 Pearls assorted sizes.

Sharks, Dolphins, Orcas, Seal, Sea Turtle, Manta Ray and Octopus.

Shells are made in white and two additional pale tones of wedding colours. Pearlized large Scallops, open Clam shells and assorted

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